K-23 (เคมีรวมตะกอนสีให้ลอยตัวขึ้น)

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 K – 23
                         K – 23 is a moderately high molecular weight cationic solution polymer.It issupplied as a clear, viscous, aqueous liquid. K – 23 is effective in improving flocculation of paint solids for separation from paint booth water systems.
Appearance                            Highly viscous liquid
                                    Density(25ºc )                         1.05g/mL
                                    pH                                           3.5-5.0
                                    Viscosity                                  >20000mPa.s
                        K – 23 is a cationic polymer, which is effective in improving flocculation anddewatering of detackified paint solids. K – 23 effectively consolidates paint flocs sothat they may be air floated, filtered or centrifuged. K – 23 is a solution polymer thatdoes not require an expensive make down system to apply
Dosage and Feeding
Laboratory testing and in-plant monitoring must determine the optimum K – 23 dosages.However, typical starting dosages would be in the 0.05 – 0.10 gallons of  K – 23 per 1.0gallons of over sprayed paint.
K – 23 must be diluted batch wise or in-line prior to introduction into the system. The dilution water to K – 23 ratios should be in the 100:1 to 300:1 range.   K – 23   may be introduced at any point ahead of the separation of paint solids from the water. Addition at a point near any other chemical should be avoided.
Storage and Handling
Polymer Ventures K – 23 should be stored at 50-80ºFShort-term exposure to higher or lower temperatures will not normally harm the product. If frozen, Polymer Ventures  K – 23 should be warmed to 50-80ºFF and agitated prior to use. The shelf life ofPolymer Ventures K – 23 is at least six month.
20 kgs. Per drum.



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