W - 315 (เคมีเร่งตะกอนน้ำเสีย)

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W - 315 coagulant is specifically, formulated to replace inorganic coagulants such as aluminum and ferric salts. It can also Elminate dual treatment application requiring Both antionic polymer and addition of inorganic salts. W - 315 coagulant is effective for the treatment of potable water,oily waste water,secondary clarification, color removal,greasy tower treatment and phosphate removal.
1. Extremely Economical Treatment Program
2. Larger and Stronger Floc than inorganics Alone.
3. Better Setting and Less Pinfloc Carryover.
4. Greatly Reduced Sludge Volume.
5. Lower Flocculant Requirrements.
6. Reduced Caustic Usage for pH Control.
7. Easy to Apply,Replaces Dual Treatment Approach.
1. Main Ingredient : Antionic polymer and inorganic coagulant
2. Appearance : Clear, Yellow Liquid
3. pH (as delivered) : 2.5-3.5
4. Spceific gravity (20 c) : 1.1-1.3
1. Protect the face and hands with a mask and rubber gloves to avoid the direct contact with W - 315.
2. In the case of the direct contact, the affected area should be immediately washed with plenty water thoroughly.
3. Store W - 315 indoors at 0-40 C.
4. Do not use the empty containers for drinking water supply.
5. This chemical shelf life is one year upon receiving date.
20 kg polyethylene lined drum



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